What to take

A few thing from which we think are good to take, that travel books don’t think about



Baby wipes/ wet tissues

It’s not good for the environment, but it’s the easiest thing to clean something or mostly yourself after driving through the dust. You can almost find them anywhere, so no need to bring a dozen.


Hand alcohol /washing without water

A lot of kids will come up to you to shake your hand, having some hand alcohol to kill the germs will prevent you from getting sick.


Biodegradable soap

In the most African countries, you wash yourself outside, no gutters. We think it’s nice to think about the environment and take some biodegradable soap with you. It’s a bit more expensive than normal soap, but apart from being good for the environment, it’s mostly also quite concentrated what makes that it last for a long time (we did 8 months with our bottle dishwashing soap). You can find dishwashing soap, washing powder, shampoo and even conditioner.

For the people in Belgium or the Netherland : http://www.ecover.com

For anywhere else : www. http://www.justsoap.com/ and http://www.allterrainco.com/


Hot water bottle

Believe us, it can be pretty cold! If we had known this beforehand we would’ve brought one with us.


Fast drying towels

You have this special towels that dries very fast, what is very easy when you’re travelling! They also don’t take up so much space as a normal towel and they’re very light. You can get them in different sizes, also easy to dry the dishes with.


Sunscreen for the car

Good to protect from the sun, but also very useful to take the view away from people who wants to look into your car.



Ideal for women! In Sudan and Ethiopia you often don’t find toilets and it’s just easy to wee against a treeJ (just make sure you practice well at home!) http://www.shewee.com



Ideal if you have a small bladder and you hate coming out of the rooftent! At the moment they sell it in the Netherlands, not sure if you can find it somewhere else. http:// www.uribag.nl   



You have 2 good guidebooks, Lonely planet and Bradt. Although we prefer Lonely planet over Bradt as they have better maps and the description of hotels mostly tells you if they’ve a compound or not to park your car.




Ideal to take 1000 books that without taking weight! (and trust us, after 6 months you don’t have so much to talk about anymore ;) )


Double sim phone

Easy to keep your home number available, so people at home always can reach you (in case of emergency) and having a local number at the same time.



A Garmin and ‘Tracks 4 Africa’ and you’re good to go! (We have a Garmin Montana)


What not to take

We just have one thing to say : don’t take too much!

You can really find anything on the road and it’s mostly a lot cheaper than you buy it at home.


White clothes

Just don’t bring any clothes that are white or have a white pattern on. You go through so much dust that you can’t get it clean anymore. Especially underwear, it just looks like you’re a very dirty person if you’re wearing brown underwear J